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    12 Videos + Karma Echoes Manual, Video Library Access for 6 MONTHS

    • PRICE - 125€ 
    • Registration is open to past participants of KARMA ECHOES VOCABULARY LEV.1 only.

    - need to split the payment? Contact me at - 

    These are reconrings of live streamed classes Valenteena taught at the end of 2021. All the classes were  recorded and collected in a dedicated Video Library on this website all the enrolled students have the access to FOR 6 MONTHS after the purchase

    Ready to Improv with the pre-existing Karma Echoes Vocabulary?
    Karma Echoes Vocabulary meets Improv Team Sync format by Amy Sigil.
    The Vocabulary is enriched with new possibilities of dancing and performing in group in a real improvisation. New cues will be added, travelling rules, formations, transitions.
    It's an entire new exciting world!


    These classes are suitable for fusion bellydancers of every level (1 year of fusion bellydance experience is recommended), but please note that the registration is open to past participants of KARMA ECHOES VOCABULARY LEV.1 only.

    "KARMA ECHOES Improv Lev.1" has its own manual that will be sent to the attendees.
    I'm so excited to share everything with you!


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