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Foresta aerea

Fusion bellydancer and teacher from Rome, Italy, Valenteena Ianni is well known for her stimulating and precise way of teaching and her emotional performances. In 2015 she developed a program now called .:: KILLER Dancer’s PATH™ ::. structured in 4 Killer Immersions of different levels. It’s a fusion bellydance training offered to dancers of every level who look for technical and creative tools to grow and to teachers who are looking for an alternative and clear teaching method.


VOl. I The Seeker – 12 hours
VOl. II  The Apprentice – 12 hours
VOl. III The Practitioner – 18 Hours
VOl. IV The Master Killer – 18 hours


In every level Valenteena breaks down precise instructions regarding:
△ Fusion Bellydance technique
▽ Personal training routines
△ Choreography composition for soloists and groups
▽ Improvisation tools
△ Musicality
▽ Personal style development
△ Teaching skills and Teacher training

Vol.1 is an overview of all the listed topics with an accent on Fundamental Technique and Vocabulary. No homework and final test required.

From Vol.2 on students will be provided of handouts and lectures, will have to complete the  assigned homework and will have to pass an included test at the end of every Volume regarding all the treated material. The test is optional but the certification is required to move on the next Volume. Just the students who have the total participation in all the classes and who have completed the requested homework can award the certification if they pass the exam.
Prerequisite for attending the Vol.2: Killer Immersion Vol.1 attendance

Prerequisite for attending the Vol.3: Killer Immersion Vol.2 test certification.

Foto Vale Annhilation Corset-1.jpg

Eva Jimenez, ES

Killer Retreat has been one of the most enrichment experiences of my dance life.
Learning in such a magical location and staying in such a peaceful place, immersed in the nature, with good food, time for practice but also for self-care and surrounded by wonderful women, has been amazing. You’ll came back home with lots of things to work on, with clear explanations about how to enrich your movement quality and also with your heart, mind and soul full of love and inspiration. This retreat is like making yourself a present that will last with you forever. Thank you so much Valenteena for all your teachings and being so generous, I could feel how much you’ve been working and how much you love what you do. Thank you for putting light to my dance path, giving me a structure, for being patience and also encouraging me. And thank you for your trust.

Elena Meteora.jpg

Elena Meteora, ES

This is most complete dance training that will give you all the fundamentals of Tribal fusion style, Valenteena has researched in all the remarkable actual sources of this discipline, and her love for pedagogy will challenge you always, even in the fundamentals.
The nature, the ancient spaces were it takes place and the food philosophy will involve you completely to connect better with your inner spirit, the power of the group and dance with more precision and passion.
The days on retreat pass so fast doing what you love, but you realize that the magic atmosphere of those days remains with you forever.
Thank you so much Valenteena.

fiammetta rocca.jpg

Fiammetta Rocca, IT/ENG

Highly recommended training! I have done Vol. 1 twice and loved it, and now I'm looking forward to completing Vol. 2. The programme is extremely comprehensive and versatile, as Valenteena is incredibly good at adjusting it to everybody's skills, from those who are new to Tribal Fusion to experienced dancers. The individual modules are intense but never frustrating, and they strike the perfect balance between technique, routines and improvisation. Finally, Valenteena is a precise, creative teacher, as well as having a distinctive signature style as a dancer.

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