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Karma Experiment is a Fusion Bellydance international troupe of dancers directed by Valenteena Ianni.
In May 2018 was presented the first show entirely choreographed for Karma Experiment: ✦THE FIFTH DIMENSION✦ We are only as blind as we want to be.
This first edition involved more than 40 dancers plus the guests.
In the second edition 50 Dancers were involved, from Italy, Spain, Germany

and France.

We are now working on the third edition: 
✦THE FIFTH DIMENSION✦ The Progenies of the Great Apocalypse



Another World, another Time, another Era.

The Fifth Dimension, an enchanted place in a universe now distant and mysterious for us, where everything began.
Humans at that time dwelt on the earth along with extraordinary creatures:
with them, they shared all the knowledge and practiced the Sacred Magic in various forms.

But how did that come about? It is said that, at the beginning of the First Era of the Ancient World, the MASTERS created the Light that spreaded throughout the universe as an echo of their pure and uncontaminated souls.
From the beginning of time, the Masters protected the LIGHT,
because it is able to connect and give life to all the creatures of the Fifth Dimension.
They realized too late that their action had consequences that no one could escape from:
There is no Good without Evil, There is no Light without Shadow.

The Progenies of the Great Apocalypse

The PROJECT 2023


want to participate?

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