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    Karma Experiment is a Fusion Bellydance international troupe of dancers directed by Valenteena Ianni.
    In May 2018 was presented the first show entirely choreographed for Karma Experiment:
    THE FIFTH DIMENSION We are only as blind as we want to be .
    This first edition involved more than 40 dancers plus the guests.
    In the second edition 50 Dancers were involved, from Italy, Spain, Germany and France.   
    We are now working on The Fifth Dimension fourth edition! Want to join this huge project?


    You will have the access to a Video Library containing 4 Technique Workshops and 8+ choreographies. 
    Clean your technique and be prepared for Valenteena's Choreographies!
    Drilling, layering, Traveling, Arm Flow and much more!

    • During the year Valenteena will ask you to send some videos of you demonstrating parts of the choreographies. 
    • Every Karma Experiment member will perform at the show 3 or 4 pieces. 



    JUNE 30 + JULY 1-2, 2024
    SHOW: JULY 5, 2024

    • Daily Timetable and choreos assignments will be shared in May.
    • During the 3 DAYS of KARMA RETREAT the magic happens and the Show takes shape.

    From July 3rd The Fifth Dimension Dance Festival will take place, some final rehearsals will be schedule right before the big show (July 5th, 2024) and the Troupe will be ready to finally bring this new chapter on stage.
    Last Shows were sold out!

    • Please note that these Troupe training sessions are at least 8+ hours long per day, be ready!
    • Location: Art Village, via Aurelia 477, 00165 Roma, Italy
      (CORNELIA Metropolitan Station, A Line)
    • Show: The Fifth Dimension Show is scheduled on Friday July 5th, in Rome. 
      Location TBA.


    KARMA RETREAT + FINAL REHEARSALS: 45 € (no fee, just studio rent costs per person)

    This includes: KARMA RETREAT + FINAL REHEARSALS = 30+ HOURS total.
    This payment is due before March 31st, 2024.

    All the Karma Experiment members will be free to attend all the workshops of the Ftfth Dimension Festival. Their final rehearsals will not overlap any guest teachers'workshops. But be free after, cause they could be scheduled in late afternoon.
    A channel on Telegram + a Facebook Group where Valenteena will write all the announcements will be set at half October 2023, you'll receive the invitation link. 

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS for The Fifth Dimension Show and Karma Experiment workshops Attendance.

    • Intermediate/advanced fusion bellydance technique level is required to join the Troupe for the Show.
    • Cost can be split in 3 installments (press "Pay with 3 installments" with Paypal at check out)
    • Cost for Karma Exeriment Past Attendees is 150€ if you want to learn new choreographies or 50€ if you want to be involved in only 2 of the past choreographies, write for a different registration link, PLACES ARE LIMITED.
    •  Choreographies assignments to the chosen dancers will be conveyed in MAY
    • As in the past editions, Valenteena could provide some troupe props, accessories to be worn and scenic designs instruments for the show.
    • Troupe Members will be asked to provide their own costumes with specific informations for every part. For some choreographies Valenteena will provide costumes for the whole group. Price of costumes or fabric varies from 15 to 50 euros per costume set.
    • A Telegram Channel will be created for all the announcements and the rehearsal videos with Participants.
    • Each dancer can be involved in 3-4 CHOREOGRAPHIES MAXIMUM among the ones provided as on demand content.
    • Chosen dancers could be asked to learn some PAST EDITION CHOREOGRAPHIES and will have the opportunity for future involvement in Karma Experiment Shows and Performances.
    • Participants must learn all choreography material provided to them via video and send Valenteena videos for feedback by June 1st, 2024.
    • Karma Retreat Rehearsal videos of the choreographies will be provided to everyone to be reviewed during the Festival Week.
    • 3 DAYS KARMA RETREAT  +  pre-show REHEARSALS  physical attendance in Rome is MANDATORY for all Karma Experiment members. It will consist of intensive training of at least 8+ hours per day.
    • The Karma Retreat + pre-show rehearsals have a cost of 45€ for each dancers (studio rent costs per person), plus the performers are responsible for their own travel and accommodations unless otherwise specified. Performers must be available to attend all their choreographies rehearsals and performances.
    •  Because this is not (yet!) a professional show in every part, there will be NO MONETARY COMPENSATION for Karma Experiment members performance.
    •  Karma Experiment choreographies are not allowed to be performed or posted online outside of The Fifth Dimension show, UNLESS APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY VALENTEENA.
    • We'll be very excited to have you as part of this show, dance and friendship experience.
      We want to keep this a positive environment, so please understand that any negative talk or defeatist behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will result in elimination from the show. 



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