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2-DAYS & HONEY PACK - 550€

2-DAYS & HONEY PACK - 550€

Dive into the the Fifth Dimension world with our exclusive offer: this ultimate Fusion Bellydance experience contains 16 hours of immersive learning, including Move Like Honey Intensive with Sara Lyn, and two days of workshops with all the teachers of the Festival!
Learn from some of the best international fusion bellydance instructors: Zoe Jakes, Sara Lyn, Olga Meos, and Valenteena Ianni, all in one place!
All this at an unbeatable Early Bird Price valid from today till August 31st.

Join dancers worldwide in the Eternal City and secure your spot now :)

You will get:

  • 16 hours of classes (+ reserved onstage rehearsals) that include:
    ✶ MOVE LIKE HONEY Mini Intensive with Sara Lyn (6 hrs)
    ✶ 8 Workshops with all the guest Teachers
  • PRICE: 550€ (110€ x 5 installments)
    Your spot is secured by purchasing this product through PayPal, which is finalized upon making the first installment. Payment for the installments will be automatic and will occur once a month for the next 4 months.
    If you prefer to pay the total amount upfront, purchase the product (you will automatically pay the first installment) and after your purchase, send an email to, we will provide you with the details to pay the remaining balance in a single payment.
  • WHEN: July 4-7, 2024
  • WHERE: Rome, Italy - The Dance Studio will be easily accessible from the airports and the central train station, and well connected with the Rome subway system. It will be equipped with mirrors, air conditioning and situated in an area that provides various options for quick snacks, lunches or dinners. More info and address TBA.
  • LEVEL:
    ✶ Move Like Honey Mini Intensive ➼ open level
    ✶ Saturday and Sunday Workshops ➼ multi level


✶ THURSDAY - JULY 4, 2024
• 15.00-17.00 / 2 hrs / Sara Lyn "Move Like Honey" PART 1

✶ FRIDAY - JULY 5, 2024
• 9.00-13.00 / 4 hrs / Sara Lyn "Move Like Honey" PART 2

✶ SATURDAY - JULY 6, 2024
• 9.00-11.00 Olga Meos - Workshop #1
• 11.15-13.15 Valenteena Ianni - Workshop #1
• 13.30-15.30 Zoe Jakes - Workshop #1
• 15.45-17.45 Sara Lyn - Workshop #2
• 20.30 SHOWCASE (more info TBA, stay tuned!)

✶ SUNDAY - JULY 7, 2024
• 9.00-11.00 Valenteena Ianni - Workshop #2
• 11.15-13.15 Sara Lyn - Workshop #2
• 13.30-15.30 Zoe Jakes - Workshop #
• 15.45-17.45 Olga Meos - Workshop #2

MOVE LIKE HONEY Mini Intensive with Sara Lyn

Improve your fluidity and make your dancing look and feel more effortless in this 6 hour intensive!

Do you want to bring more gooiness into your movements and make your dancing look and feel effortless?

This is the intensive for YOU!

This is Sara's absolute FAVORITE topic and she is so excited to bring you a brand new intensive where you are going to be diving deep into what it means to "Move Like Honey" and how to embody this feeling so that it translates in your dancing and feels good in your body. Sara is going to be sharing her favorite exercises, tips & techniques to unlock your ultimate gooiness!

This 6 hour intensive will give you the tools to:

- Cleanly connect movements together with the Move Like Honey Approach
- Create your own pathways/fluid combinations
- Move with more ease- get out of the head and into the body
- Improve your improvisation and musicality
- Keep progressing with specific exercises designed for optimal fluidity that you can bring into your regular personal practice!


✶ SATURDAY & SUNDAY Workshops with Zoe Jakes, Sara Lyn, Olga Meos & Valenteena Ianni

Detailed workshop descriptions will be available before September 1st, 2023
Expect Fusion Bellydance Technique focused workshops, Drilling, Combinations, Choreography, exploration of Movement.



Come to Rome, Italy and

Places are limited. No refunds.
If, after purchasing the product, you are not able to partipate anymore, you are allowed to resell your spot. Contact to provide the name of the new attendant.

    Price Options
    Payment Plan
    €110.00every month for 5 months
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