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It is what it is! You will have non stop fusion bellydance drilling sessions, layerings, crazy fast mini choreos and mysterious and fascinating combinations... And yes, probably you will fight some DRAGONS! So prepare your armour!


LEVEL:  Intermediate

It's now available to be purchased also "Arms Enchantments Vol.II"
This is the second part of Arms Enchantments Valenteena offered back in Februray.
You have the 25% off if you combine minimum 2 of these 3 class series!
- Arms Enchantments Vol.1

- Arms Enchantments Vol.2
- D&D Drills and Dragons 
Add the items in your cart and then use the COUPON: COMBIXXX

These are live-streamed classes Valenteena taught in April 2021, recorded in Full HD quality (not Zoom quality!)
Classes are in English.

Buying this product you will have 1-month-access to the live streamed classes.
You can watch the videos as many times as you want for 1 month. Be sure to SIGN UP on this website and allow 24hrs to the system before you can visualize the content in "D&D Drills and Dragons" Video Library.


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