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KARMA ECHOES  Vocabulary Lev.2 * 3-month course
  • KARMA ECHOES Vocabulary Lev.2 * 3-month course

    This product is the access to the video library containing the recordings of the 3-month course Valenteena taught from October to January 2023, divided in 29 Videos:

    • PRICE - 150€ 
      - need to split the payment? Contact me at - 
    • Past Attendees SPECIAL PRICE - you should have attended a previous Voc.Lev.2  3-month course

    (add the code AGECHOES in the cart to get the discount!)

    These classes are suitable for fusion bellydancers of every level (1 year of fusion bellydance experience is recommended).
    Karma Echoes Vocabulary Lev.1 attendance is recommended but not required.
    Classes are in English with some Italian here and there upon request :)

    What are the Echoes?

    The Echoes are combinations and phrases characteristic of my own fusion bellydance style divided into- Short Echoes- Mid Echoes- Long Echoes.
    These form a vocabolary of combinations each of which has its name, counts and specific technique and can be used as a tool in choreography, improvisation or in any way you desire. They have been reoccurring in my dance style, in the classes I've been teaching as well as in Karma Experiment choreographies in the past years... they are Echoes indeed!

    KARMA ECHOES Vocabulary Lev.2 has its own manual that will be sent to the attendees.
    I'm so excited to share everything with you! 


    Students interested in TEACHING this material can get a Certification passing a test (email to have more details). This test is totally optional an it's just for aspiring Karma Echoes Lev.2 teachers.

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