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POTIONS LAB 4-week series
  • POTIONS LAB 4-week series


    Welcome to this magical 4-week series!

    Together we will unlock the secrets of enchanting movement and cultivate our dance skills through the art of potion-making!
    This unique series is designed to immerse you in a dance alchemy where each class unveils the essential ingredients for crafting our own dance potions.
    Throughout each class, repetitions and combinations are the alchemical processes that refine our potion.
    The "Potions Lab" series equips you with daily and weekly routines, enabling you to polish your movements, enhance fluidity, and build endurance.

    Our Potions:

    • Monday 20 November | 20.00-21.15 CET
      • Enhances: slowness * floating * suspension
    • Monday 27 November | 20.00-21.15 CET
      • Restores and increases: stamina * health * speed * resistence
    • Monday 11 December | 20.00-21.15 CET
      • Restores and amplifies: mana * magic * intelligence

    • Monday 18 December | 20.00-21.15 CET
      • Provides immunity or significant resistance to: fire * water * ice * lightning -based attacks



    PRICE: 45€ 

    ☛ WHEN: November 20, 27 and December 11, 18 2023 * 20.00-21.15 CET


    ✶ WHERE: on Zoom, recordings included
    (each Zoom recording will be sent in 24hrs max after the each class via email)

    LEVEL: open (intermediate recommended)


    Buying this product you will have 2-month-access to the recordings.

    You can watch the videos as many times as you want for 2 months.

    No refunds

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